Festival 2023 completed, here are list of winners

We have the winners of the 3rd international Guitarist festival, held online. After a hard pre-selection listening, the list of guitarists was reduced for the final selection, and the jury had to decide about the winner in each category.
So first place, complete impression, Grand prix goes to Jason Carter (UK) – Inside out.
In the category of Best original music, the award goes to Jason Carter and his instrumental Inside out.

Jason Carter, UK

In the category of Best guitar video, the trophy goes to Ben Azar – Earthguest (Israel). In festival jury were Saša Novak , Marino Pelajić and Ivo Mikulić, competitiin is produced by Standard Široki Brijeg.

Ben Azar, Israel

This year festival decided to award only 1 guitarist per category. Read more on official festival web www.Guitar.ba